What does Juwai mean?

居外 (ju wai) means “home abroad” in Mandarin Chinese. In some parts of China it also means “life outside” and “home away”.

How does Juwai.com work?

Juwai.com is a property portal similar to what you have in your home countries – think trulia.com, realestate.com.au, primelocation.com or casa.it – but in Chinese.

People who are looking to sell property to anyone who reads Chinese can easily list their property on Juwai.com. We provide all the tools and services to help you communicate, reach and engage with the Chinese audience.

What is the Great Firewall of China?

Websites not hosted in China can be blocked entirely or experience exceptionally slow page load times. This is because of various information protection policies adopted by the Central Government.

For instance, most people know that Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Google are blocked in China, but did you know that your website can also be blocked if it uses any publishing products of Facebook et al.

Your site may also be blocked simply because of where it is hosted. If your site is not hosted in China and it is not blocked by the firewall, it can (and is common with 95% of sites) experience exceptionally slow load times that local ISPs will cease download requests of your site.

To reach Chinese buyers, you need to ensure that your site, or the site you advertise on, is hosted in China.

What do you mean by “in the right language”?

Less than 1% of Chinese can read English so it is important that you present information about your listings and your company in Chinese.

Mandarin is the most widely spoken Chinese dialect throughout the world, and it is on track to become the most used language on the internet in the next few years. So whether you are looking to target Chinese buyers now or planning ahead for your future market, getting in the right language is essential.

What do you mean by “professional translation”?

The Juwai team is consisted of degree-qualified journalists and editorial staff, who will personally translate your information into Chinese. They will present your information in the right tone and flow which befits your listing and brand.

Machine translation tools (such as Bing and Google) can do your brand far more harm than good. Machine translations provide clunky, caveman like sentences, which often do not make any sense at all.

Chinese buyers expect you to present information in their language with a high level of proficiency, especially if you are asking them to consider a property worth several million Chinese dollars. Not making the effort to professionally present your information in Chinese can be considered offensive.

For this reason Juwai does not allow machine translation on the site.

If you are currently listing on a site which uses machine translation, we recommend pulling your listings immediately.

Where is the English version of your site?

Juwai.com is a Chinese brand for Chinese buyers. The site is 100% in Chinese, as consumers do not like multi-lingual websites.

You can try to view the site in English by using a translation tool like Google Translate — but be ready for some wacky translations!

Why do I need to register?

You are required to register your details as we have to validate that you are a real user with a real phone number, email address and contact details. We send you a confirmation email which then gives you access to Juwai Admin which has more information on the market, our products and plans. Juwai Admin is also where you enter your property details, check the performance of your property and Chinese marketing campaigns, and stay up to date with Juwai.com.

What is a Juwai Profile?

A Juwai Profile is a mini-site all about you. If you are a selling agent or property professional, we know how important it is to build your name and brand in new markets. Brands are about trust. Our professionally translated profiles give you the opportunity to let the consumers know more about you. We even have your profile’s social media integrated for both western and Chinese platforms, allowing you to interact with a whole new audience.

How do I load a property?

Our Juwai Admin site is 100% in English. Once registered, you enter your property details in English. Juwai takes care of the rest. All packages include Property Key Attributes translations which are as easy as clicking a mouse.

How do I publish a property on Juwai.com?

Publishing a property on Juwai.com is easy. Once you have selected and paid for your plan in Juwai Admin, you are ready to publish.

What are my payment options?

Online payment methods at this stage are Visa and MasterCard. Annual and prepayment options are available for our larger plans. Contact sales@juwai.com to discuss these options.

Do you charge commission?

No. Juwai.com does not charge nor accept commission. We provide you with instant access to the Chinese market, and charge flat rate advertising fees, similar to a newspaper or your domestic property portal. However, we provide many more benefits and services than your local paper or portal, for roughly similar or lower costs.

What contracts or commitments are there?

All Juwai.com plans have minimum terms. Some are billed monthly and some are billed quarterly, depending on the product. All plans are clearly marked so there is no confusion.

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