Product Manager - Junior

Junior Product Manager - Shanghai

To work with the teams at Juwai to lead changes, improvements, and new features that will drive better performance from our Consumer-facing products. Increases in traffic, leads to our Call Center, and Consumer engagement are all was to drive better performance.

Core functions:

  • Management of the product lifecycle to lead product changes from idea to design to implementation to evaluation.
  • Drive our tracking of competitors, their capabilities, features, and offerings so that we can correctly react to changes from competitors.
  • Lead Consumer understanding from behaviour on our systems to Consumer personas to segmentation to understanding of our current and future place in the market.
  • Professional use of analytics to drive communications as well as to correctly evaluate changes that we will be making.
  • Drive communications between internal and external stakeholders to ensure clear expectations and buy-in.
  • Build strong relationships internally at Juwai to enable the Products team to quickly drive important projects through our internal processes and procedures.


  • At least 2 years of experience in a software-related Product Management role.
  • Experience in marketplaces and/or marketing platforms
  • Experience in product lifecycle management
  • Experience projecting future product performance and evaluating product performance after launch
  • Experience defining improvements to mobile and web products
  • Experience driving traffic to websites located in Mainland China and increasing conversion rates
  • Understanding of APIs and mobile-specific technologies
  • Drive to deliver leads and revenue to our company
  • Ability to bring people together to discuss complicated issues
  • Ability to break complex problems down into manageable parts
  • Native fluency in Mandarin and proficient in English (reading, typing, speaking)
  • Work in or be flexible to work in an agile and fast paced environment
  • Extremely organized
  • Be passionate about talking to customers and designing solutions to their problems
  • Take responsibility for improving our knowledge of all of our Consumer types
  • Ability to work with people at different levels of the organization from Developers and Designers to Senior Management


  • Engineering or marketing background
  • Experience in user interface design
  • Experience with A/B testing
  • Ability to evaluate and judge potential for product changes
  • Experience with our product/project management tools: JIRA, Slack, Zoom, Invision,
  • Experience with marketing tools (Google Analytics, Intercom, etc.)

Key Accountability: Product Lifecycle

  • Refine product proposals
  • Collect requirements from all internal teams
  • Define product value and metrics to evaluate product success
  • Design solutions (workflow, PRD, wireframes, mock-ups, etc.)
  • Present potential solutions to management
  • Work with Delivery teams to cut up the project into buildable parts
  • Organize user acceptance testing
  • Generate documentation and product sheets
  • Coordinate product launch and announcements
  • Evaluate product success
  • Design enhancements

Key Accountability: Competitors

  • Maintain a list of competitors
  • Maintain a list of local platforms
  • Maintain a list of core competitor functions with screenshots and commentary

Key Accountability: Consumer Understanding

  • Responsibility for all Chinese consumer facing products and Consumer intelligence
  • Maintain a list of Consumer personas, segments, and types in various regions in mainland China and around the world
  • Document the solutions we provide to each type
  • Work with Sales, Consumer Marketing, Call Center, and Client Success to understand the market and any changes in it so that we can evaluate how those changes affect our business.
  • Discuss Consumer impact related to changes other product managers are considering.

Key Accountability: Analytic Drive

  • Evaluate potential product changes based on expected impact
  • Set goals for product changes before development.
  • Evaluate completed product changes based on pre-set goals.

Key Accountability: Analytic Drive

  • Drive internal discussions about products and potential changes
  • Use images and diagrams to communicate ideas
  • Document product designs
  • Product sheets necessary to inform different levels of employees about changes
  • Professional discussions with partners and consumers.
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