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Toronto condo developers head directly to China to court buyers

Canadian real estate brokers and developers are now seeking to market directly to Chinese in China, reports the Globe and Mail (8 September 2015). According to Juwai data, Canada is... Lesen Sie mehr >

IPE Real Estate
/ IPE Real Estate

Analysis: China relaxes rules for foreign property investors

The Chinese government’s recently made a surprise move to lift certain restrictions barring foreigners to buy residential homes in China, reports IPE Real Estate (1 September 2015). However, this bid... Lesen Sie mehr >


Juwai Property Report 2019: Thailand

Juwai Property Report 2019: Thailand’s country ranking, by number of buyers purchasing enquiries, puts Thailand ahead of Australia, Canada, Japan and the United States. In fact, Thailand ranks number one on its...

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Tokyo x Osaka

6 reasons why Tokyo and Osaka are drawing Chinese property investors

Japan has, in recent years, gained favour with Chinese buyers. Chinese consider Japans as an ideal property investment destination as they grow wearier of traditional hotspots such as the United States,...

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Vietnamese girl with a hat

9 reasons why Vietnam is becoming Asia’s latest property hotspots

Vietnam is quickly becoming Asia’s latest property hotspot for foreign investors. According to, it now occupies the ninth spot on its 10-most-popular-countries list after enquiries rose 91 per cent from the...

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Juwai 2019 Chinese Consumers International Travel Survey Report

Juwai 2019 Chinese Consumers International Travel Survey Report

99% of Chinese plan to travel this year, according to findings from our 2019 Chinese International Travel Survey and 76% (Q33) are willing to participate in property tours. Despite a slowdown in...

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