/ Bloomberg

Vancouver housing tax pushes Chinese to $1 million Seattle homes

Vancouver's recent foreign property tax triggers a wave of Chinese buyers rushing to buy Seattle property, reports Bloomberg (4 December 2016). This is thanks to the fact that Seattle is... Lesen Sie mehr >

The Australian
/ The Australian

Locals drive sharp rise in values amid ‘marginal’ foreign effect

A recent Australian Treasury report recently found that foreign property buyers only contributed marginally to the housing price surge in Australia, reports The Australian (4 November 2016). According to the... Lesen Sie mehr >

The Sunday Times
/ The Sunday Times

Romania: Counting upwards

Real estate prices in Romania is now on the rise, thanks to a new vibrant economy and low interest rates, reports The Sunday Times (4 December 2016). Prices fell more... Lesen Sie mehr >

Property Observer
/ Property Observer

Where is Sydney's real Chinatown?'s Gavin Norris

Sydney's Chinatown is no longer in Haymarket but in the Upper North Shore, writes Head of Australia Gavin Norris on Property Observer (4 December 2016). While Haymarket – still... Lesen Sie mehr >

boston globe
/ The Boston Globe

What likely won’t change under Trump: Foreign investment in Boston

While Donald Trump has promised to change the rules of global trade as the US President, he is unlikely to change overseas investment in US real estate, reports The Boston... Lesen Sie mehr >

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Wise • 18th Overseas Property, Immigration & Investment Exhibition - Shanghai

The OPI Expo is an unique platform for international companies seeking to enter the Chinese market.


Japan Tokyo

Chinese demand for Japanese homes surges

There has been a dramatic surge in Chinese demand for Japanese residential property over the 12 months. And you might be surprised by who is doing the buying. After years of fluctuating...

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Canada Toronto

New hotspots now compete with Vancouver and Toronto for Chinese investment

Foreign buyer taxes in Toronto and Vancouver have shifted some Chinese to Calgary and Montréal. Canada has been a destination for Chinese investors for many years, and that includes real estate. Until...

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Juwai China Trend Report 2019

Juwai China Trend Report 2019

Chinese property buyers are cautious but not daunted. Despite slower growth, there are still rewards in the real estate industry outside of China with many opportunities to attract Chinese buyers. Whilst 2018...

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US residential real estate still popular with Chinese middle class

US residential real estate still popular with Chinese middle class

Chinese middle-class buyers seek out lower-priced homes in the US East Coast and in the South and using mortgages more often. Escalating Sino-US trade war tensions and China government’s effort to curb...

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