/ Perth Now

Cashed-up Chinese swoop on Aussie bargains before next boom

Andrew Taylor, the Australian co-founder of Chinese property website, told Perth Now that Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane were the most popular cities for Chinese house-hunting. But, he added, "Perth... Leer más >

The Denver Post
/ The Denver Post

Needy EU nations woo Chinese home buyers with visas

Agents report that "property is what really attracts China's rich". Investing just 500,000 euros, Chinese investors can obtain good returns and also obtain residency and ultimately, if they want it,... Leer más >

/ Bloomberg

Needy EU nations woo Chinese home buyers to ease slump

"Searches for Portuguese properties on rose more than threefold from January through April, said Andrew Taylor, co-chief executive officer of the Chinese real estate website aimed at international home... Leer más >


Europeans use visas to lure Chinese investors

Chinese homebuyers have expanded their reach to include southern Europe. Greece, Cyprus and Portugal are especially popular for the wealthy Chinese because of the historically low prices and the chance... Leer más >

The Washington Post
/ The Washington Post

Needy EU nations woo Chinese property buyers with visa offer

Some wealthy European countries offer resident visas for investors, but require large investments. The U.K. demands the investor sink at least 1 million pounds ($1.6 million) in the country. The... Leer más >

/ Immobilier 2.0

Understanding Chinese property buyers: 57% of affluent Chinese have considered immigration

[Original in French] "Amanda Sun bought three houses worth €4 million on the French Riviera after visiting once as a tourist. Sun is of Chinese origin, 33 years old and... Leer más >

Property Portal Watch
/ Property Portal Watch ends first half on top

" now advertises 2.4 million listings in 53 countries to an exclusive monthly audience of 1 million potential Chinese-speaking buyers. That makes the Shanghai-based company by far the dominant leader... Leer más >

Housing Wire
/ Housing Wire

Chinese homebuyers look overseas for deals

"The efforts of the Chinese government to curb the domestic property market are causing buyers to look at real estate outside of the country, found. . . . A... Leer más >

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2019 Beijing International Property & Investment Expo​

2019 Beijing International Property & Investment Expo is one of the most influential overseas real estate exhibitions in China. Exhibitors come from various industries such as international real estate, immigration, investment, education, etc. ​

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Juwai 2019 Chinese Consumers International Travel Survey Report

Juwai 2019 Chinese Consumers International Travel Survey Report

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Prosperous Home Report

Latest report allows Chinese home buyers to do a feng shui check on overseas properties at a click While feng shui may be shrugged off as pseudoscience or even hocus pocus...

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5 tips on how to sell ultra-high end properties to wealthy Chinese buyers

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