The New Zealand Herald
/ The New Zealand Herald

Property report: migration helps fuel price boom

International migration is the true cause of rising real estate prices in New Zealand, reports the New Zealand Herald (8 June 2015). While many opine that Chinese buyers are hiking... Leer más >

Financial Review
/ The Australian Financial Review

Buyers should not be penalised if FIRB rules are loose

Contrary to popular belief, Chinese foreign investors actually welcome the new legislation regulating real estate purchases by foreign buyers, says the Australian Financial Review (3 June 2015). However, many think... Leer más >

Commercial Real Estate Direct
/ Commercial Real Estate Direct targets Chinese investors and have formed a venture that will allow the American top real estate marketplace to gain access to’s exclusive audience, reports CRE Direct (3 June 2015). Rick... Leer más >

The Real Estate Conversation
/ The Real Estate Conversation

China’s new favorite: regional real estate

Thanks to their lifestyle and affordability, regional cities in Australia are now gaining popularity with Chinese buyers, reports the Real Estate Conversation (1 June 2015). The top regional cities are... Leer más >

/ Bloomberg

Chinese Interest in Overseas Property Growing: Henry

Chinese Interest in Overseas Property Growing: Henry Simon Henry, Co-Founder of, talks about demand for Australian property in Hong Kong with Rishaad Salamat on Bloomberg Television's "Trending Business" (1... Leer más >

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5 tips to sell ultra luxury white castle

5 tips on how to sell ultra-high end properties to wealthy Chinese buyers

Whether it’s a mansion-in-the-sky or a multimillion dollar mega-home, ultra-rich Chinese buyers have preferences. Here’s what to look out for to close that big home purchase deal. Novelist F Scott Fitzgerald said...

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Chinese Skiing in Japan

Skiing boom draws Chinese buyers to Japan

Japan’s top cities and ski resorts attract Chinese buyers who see great investment opportunities in the country Each winter, snow bunnies head to snow-capped mountains in Europe, the US and Canada for...

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Indonesia landscape

Chinese investments drive growth of Indonesian real estate sector

Chinese property buyers’ interest in Southeast Asia’s biggest country picks up after governments cooperate. When someone mentions Indonesia, it is mostly about Jakarta, the capital city, or the island of Bali, popular...

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European ‘secondary real estate markets’ attractive to Chinese buyers

Chinese buyers flock to Europe in search of alternative investments as Sino-US trade war continues. In light of US President Trump’s escalating trade war with the world, Chinese property buyers who were...

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