Brexit doesn't scare Chinese homebuyers:

Despite the ambivalence encircling the Brexit referendum, a recent survey in early June by revealed 56 per cent of Chinese respondents believe the UK property demand will surge, reports... Leer más >

The Sunday Times Perth
/ The Sunday Times

East coast tax benefit for WA

The new taxes hitting foreign property buyers in Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland could benefit Western Australia, reports The Sunday Times (19 June 2016). As the East Coast states... Leer más >

The Economist
/ The Economist

A roaring trade: Chinese tiger mums start a college-town housing boom

Chinese mothers are the driving force behind a surge in property purchases in college towns in the US, reports The Economist (18 June 2016). Chinese make up the largest group... Leer más >

The Chinese real estate agent boom

With Chinese being the biggest foreign buyers of Australian real estate, there seems to also be a slow rise in Chinese-speaking real estate agents as well in Australia, reports Leer más >

/ Inman heading for an IPO in Australia is planning for an IPO in Australia within the next 12 months, reports Inman (16 June 2016). Before the public offering, – the leading Chinese international real estate... Leer más >


Guardian visas boosting interest among Chinese property buyers

Australia’s new Guardian visa scheme – set to start on 1 July 2016 – is expected to boost Chinese property investor interest in buying Australian properties, reports SBS (16 June... Leer más >

/ Reuters

Half of Chinese property buyers delay UK deals until after EU vote

51 percent of Chinese property buyers are holding their purchase in the UK until after Britain’s EU referendum, according to a survey, reports Reuters (15 June 2016). The vote,... Leer más >

Financial Review
/ The Australian Financial Review

How the new stamp duty and land tax surcharges will bite

A new stamp duty for foreign investors in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland, has raised concerns among real estate experts, reports the Australian Financial Review (15 june 2016). This... Leer más >

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Japan Tokyo

Chinese demand for Japanese homes surges

There has been a dramatic surge in Chinese demand for Japanese residential property over the 12 months. And you might be surprised by who is doing the buying. After years of fluctuating...

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Canada Toronto

New hotspots now compete with Vancouver and Toronto for Chinese investment

Foreign buyer taxes in Toronto and Vancouver have shifted some Chinese to Calgary and Montréal. Canada has been a destination for Chinese investors for many years, and that includes real estate. Until...

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Juwai China Trend Report 2019

Juwai China Trend Report 2019

Chinese property buyers are cautious but not daunted. Despite slower growth, there are still rewards in the real estate industry outside of China with many opportunities to attract Chinese buyers. Whilst 2018...

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US residential real estate still popular with Chinese middle class

US residential real estate still popular with Chinese middle class

Chinese middle-class buyers seek out lower-priced homes in the US East Coast and in the South and using mortgages more often. Escalating Sino-US trade war tensions and China government’s effort to curb...

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