The UK is seeking to forge trade deals with international players in preparation of the looming Brexit, reports Hotel Management (11 November 2016). Prior to meeting Chinese Vice Premier Ma Kai, British Prime Minister Theresa May said, “I’m determined that as we leave the European Union, we build a truly global Britain that is open for business. That is the message I took to India this week, and that’s the message I will be giving Vice Premier Ma Kai on his visit to the UK. As we take the next step in this golden era of relations between the UK and China, I’m excited about the opportunities for expanding trade and investment between our two countries.” As part of the visit, ABP – the Chinese developer leading a £1.7-billion project in the Royal Albert Dock – will sign a funding agreement to enable work to begin on the delayed scheme in 2017. In an interview with MarketWatch over the summer, President of the UK, Europe, and Middle East region Bernie Morris also revealed that Chinese buyer property enquiries were about 30 percent to 40 percent higher than the 2016 average in the weeks right after the June 23 Brexit referendum.