Chinese still buying property like there's no tomorrow

Demand for international properties remain strong for Chinese buyers, with countries such as Australia attracting interest, says Simon Henry, co-founder of, on CNBC (18 January 2016). Per saperne di più >

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/ The Australian Financial Review

Global property investments to grow, China interest in Sydney, Melbourne to rise

The Chinese appetite for Australian real estate is still going strong and is expected to show no signs of waning in 2016, reports the Australian Financial Review (14 January 2016).... Per saperne di più >

Financial Review
/ The Australian Financial Review

China spending will keep boom going

Chinese expenditure abroad is still going strong, despite the deceleration of China’s industrial sector, reports the Australian Financial Report (14 January 2015). While certain sectors in Australia have been affected... Per saperne di più >

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/ The Australian Financial Review

How the Chinese market chaos will affect Australian real estate

While the Chinese stock market tumult has stirred questions about its impact on Australia’s real estate market, many surmise it will not affect Chinese overseas property investments, reports the Australian... Per saperne di più >

Financial Review
/ The Australian Financial Review

Our complex relationship with Chinese Australians

Rampant Chinese property investment in Australia is influencing the already intricate relationship between Australians and Chinese, reports the Australian Financial Review (9 January 2016). Despite clamour that Chinese buyers are... Per saperne di più >

/ Domain

Chinese buyers head to Byron Bay

Byron Bay – longtime favourite beachfront hotspot for Australian property buyers –is now attracting Chinese buyers too, reports Domain (6 January 2016). Juwai data reveals Byron Bay has climbed from... Per saperne di più >

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Foreign buyers boom

Foreign buyers boom. Hundreds of new developments have flooded the market and agents still can't keep up with the demand from overseas. But how will this affect local buyers? Chinese... Per saperne di più >

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City landscape with phone and hands

6 tips on how to engage Chinese property buyers

Analytics and data give us all sorts of insights into what our customers want from our business. But sometimes it may be difficult to connect with the customer upon receiving an enquiry....

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Top 10 Chinese Buyers H1 2019 V2

Juwai Top 10 Chinese buyers picks H1 2019

Chinese buyers remain the biggest spending foreign real estate buyer group of all, although they invested significantly less last year than in the year before.   Chinese buyers’ appetite for foreign real...

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Juwai Property Report 2019: Thailand

Juwai Property Report 2019: Thailand’s country ranking, by number of buyers purchasing enquiries, puts Thailand ahead of Australia, Canada, Japan and the United States. In fact, Thailand ranks number one on its...

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Tokyo x Osaka

6 reasons why Tokyo and Osaka are drawing Chinese property investors

Japan has, in recent years, gained favour with Chinese buyers. Chinese consider Japans as an ideal property investment destination as they grow wearier of traditional hotspots such as the United States,...

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