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China snapped up every single one of Rolls-Royce's $1.2 million 'Dragon' models

By Juwai, 27 January 2012

Year of the Dragon Edition Phantom

To commemorate the Year of the Dragon, Rolls-Royce produced a special edition of the $380,000 Phantom for the Chinese market. Travis Okulski reports for Business Insider. January 27, 2012 -- Rolls built a very limited number and charged an astronomical $1.2 million per car. But according to Autoblog, the price did not hamper the car's sales. Rolls-Royce sold every one they could make in just two months. They are not saying how many they built, but we do not think that it could have been very many. The Year of the Dragon Edition features a unique gold stripe down the side of the car, dragons in the woodwork, and special throw cushions, among other small changes. We are not entirely certain why these seemingly tiny features necessitated the almost $1 million premium over the standard car. No matter the reason, buyers snatched the opportunity to buy a limited edition car for an outrageous price.
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