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China is about to break 1 billion mobile phone users

By Juwai, 25 February 2012
China has the most people of any nation on earth, and it’s hard to imagine that at this point it doesn’t have the most cellphones too. According to the latest data from MIIT, China will break the one billion mobile phone user barrier this month. In fact, it may already have happened. C. Custer reports for Tech in Asia. February 24, 2012 -- This shouldn’t be a big surprise to anyone who has been paying attention. Just yesterday the chief engineer at MIIT said that China had reached 986 million mobile phone users by the end of 2011. That number increased by over ten million in January of this year according to MIIT, putting China on pace to break a billion mobile users before February draws to a close next week. There are currently about 137 million 3G users in China, meaning that at present about 13.7 percent of China’s mobile users are on 3G. It’s not hard to see why everyone from handset manufacturers to mobile developers is trying to break out in China. The market is gigantic, and by every measure it is still growing.
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