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Internet key to marketing to Chinese investors

By Juwai, 30 September 2013

As a real estate agent or developer, how do you reach Chinese real estate investors?

New research from Hurun (the Forbes of China) shows that the internet is the best way to influence China's high net worth individuals.

For wealthy Chinese, the internet is the most popular source of information, with 65% calling it their "preferred" source of information, and 83% accessing it every single day.

Newspapers on the other hand, are preferred by only 38% of high net worth Chinese.

HNW Chinese Prefer Internet and word of mouth

Word-of-mouth is also an important source of information, with 51% of survey respondents ranking it as a preferred source.

This is why so many real estate marketers find that selling to one Chinese investor often leads to additional transactions – from the first investor's friends and family members.


What does this research mean for your marketing efforts?

It shows that using a variety of media to reach Chinese buyers still makes sense, but that you could benefit from emphasizing efforts on the Internet to reach potential Chinese buyers.



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