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New Zealand to China: "Please visit soon!"

By Juwai, 07 September 2013
New Zealand to China

Can New Zealand attract more Chinese tourists?

They certainly want to. They aren't immune to the worldwide rush to cash in on Chinese consumers and investors. Chinese are already heating up the country's property market.

Now, New Zealand wants Chinese tourists to start coming directly, rather than tacking on a few days in the country after a longer visit to Australia.

This week, the country announced it would dedicate an extra $158m of funding for tourism promotion, and they hope to have one million Chinese visiting annually within five years.

That's one Chinese tourst for every four and a half Kiwis.

What's one of the first things the Kiwi government wants it employees in the tourism business to do? Learn to say hello in Mandarin.




[Image source: Field of Sheep in New Zealand by Michael Matti on]