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New Juwai Chinese Company Pages launched!

By Juwai, 03 July 2014
Juwai CCP

Why do retail companies have storefronts?

So consumers can find them, enquire about unanswered questions, and ultimately exchange goods and services.

This is just as true online. An online storefront allows businesses to reach consumers over the internet, where shoppers are increasingly turning to find and buy products.

However, many companies operating their own websites are realising that reaching consumers in China is a completely different ball game.

The latest example is Zara’s parent company, Inditex Group, which recently announced that they would operate a storefront in China via Tmall – China’s most popular consumer e-shopping website. Other famous international retailers with an online presence on Tmall include Burberry, Dior, LV, and the list goes on.

This is exactly why agents benefit from having a Chinese Company Page on – it gives them their very own space online, in Chinese, behind China’s firewall, to reach Chinese buyers.


Why get a Chinese Company Page?

For international agents looking to reach consumers in China, an online storefront is not just logical – it’s a vital first step towards a successful marketing campaign for their company and listings to Chinese buyers.

To improve usability and enhance results, we recently overhauled our Chinese Company Pages – giving agents a revamped online storefront enriched with a brand new look and upgraded new features, all fully integrated with our new Juwai Mobile Site.

With this product, agents can now secure their own webpage in Chinese – hosted in China – to better showcase their company and brand, as well as new management tools that enable them to manage and assign listings to agents under their account.

Agents who already have a fully-featured Chinese Company Page on are automatically upgraded to receive all the benefits of these new pages.


What’s new?

CHINESE COMPANY PAGE: We’ve redesigned and added a host of new features to this product to give international agents better exposure and the tools they need to market their company brand and listings to Chinese buyers.

  • New Design: Sporting a new look, the sleek design and larger banner allows you to upload your own banner – giving you enhanced branding that more visually captures your target audience’s attention.
  • Agent Pages: You can upload sub-agents on the account, and add their profile and contact details – their assigned properties will also appear on their own agent profile page. Furthermore, your agent page will appear in the Agent Search pages.
  • New Tools: Enquiries can now be specifically sent to your agents when you assign your listings to a sub-agent on your account. This allows your agent to directly receive enquiry information when a Chinese consumer reaches out with a question.

JUWAI MOBILE SITE: Fully optimised for viewing on smartphones and tablets, the new Juwai Mobile Site allows Chinese buyers to browse listings and search for agents with a Chinese Company Page from anywhere in the world. Agents with a Chinese Company Page are now easily accessible to consumers on-the-go.

STATS & REPORTING: Check out the new statistics and reporting feature now accessible for each of your property listings – introducing new data to provide agents greater insight into which properties and channels perform best. Just login to Juwai Admin, select the “Property” tab, and then click the “Details” button for your property.


To find out how to get your Juwai Chinese Company Page, login or sign up for an account to learn more.