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15 tips for maximum impact at Juwai China Agent Summits

By Juwai, 24 March 2015
juwai china agent summit networking

Get direct access into China. Meet, connect, and forge strategic alliances with Chinese agents – face-to-face!

The Juwai China Agent Summit – happening this 29 May 2015 in Shanghai – is a one-day agent-to-agent event, which provides international agents and developers with a unique chance to build partnerships with prime Chinese agents possessing native knowledge and established networks within the China market.

The Summit also offers international agents exclusive insights about working with Chinese buyers, thanks to industry experts who will share their experiences, proven strategies, and keys to success with Chinese.

What’s more, the Summit is strategically timed to occur right before a key property expo in Shanghai – the “China on the Move” property expo. This allows for a perfect opportunity to also experience an in-person view of Chinese investors searching for property overseas.

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The value of local Chinese partnerships

If you are pursuing the China market, know this: your integrated, long-term China strategy is only as strong as your reach. That means it’s incomplete if you’re not tapping into a channel to unearth opportunities and support from resident allies.

Chinese buyers have a penchant for word-of-mouth endorsement, and tend to adhere to the culture of “guanxi”, which literally means “relationships” in Mandarin.

With a Chinese partner by your side – and their existing network cultivated through years of guanxi – you stand to potentially reap the rewards from their local relationships.

Chinese agents, too, will benefit from gaining you as a partner. Chinese buyers are usually more inclined to seek local assistance when buying overseas property. However, many local agents still have limited product offerings and knowledge about real estate markets abroad.

That’s where you, as an international agent, step in to provide the expertise and know-how on your market. In short, it’s a win-win synergy that can help both sides get one step closer to achieving their respective goals.


Maximise your presence at the Juwai Summit

If you’re already signed up for a Juwai China Agent Summit, hat’s off to you! You’re ahead of the game and already making headway in the evolving global property industry and growing audience of Chinese buyers.

That said, here are some tactical pointers to further enhance you and your brand prior, during, and even after attending the Summit: 


#1 Let people know you’re going to China!

Not only will it set you ahead in the marketplace, it’ll stir local curiosity too. Simple yet effective ways to do this is to tell the people you work with, send out an e-mail blast, announce it on your social media platforms, or even place an ad on your website for an additional oomph.

#2 Make sure you’ve provided your information for the Show Magazine

There are two things handed out at the Summit to help Chinese agents find you in the networking room. Make sure you send this well in advance to make print deadlines.

  • Floor plan – Be sure you have provided us with the correct information on where you’re based, and in which countries you have listings for. These two pieces of information are vital to Chinese agents during the networking session.
  • Show magazine – This is your space to highlight who you and your company are, which countries you cover, what price range you deal with, and what makes you worth talking to.

#3 Identify your key products

Select the right products to highlight for your audience. Chinese typically seek generational investments for future generations, and they care about education, emigration, investment, and lifestyle related benefits. Identify which properties may meet the above criteria and get knowledgeable about them.

#4 Get knowledgeable for your international audience

Chinese buyers may have some very different questions than your typical domestic buyer. Based on the above interested areas, make sure you have quick info on hand. Here are some key pieces of information to focus on:

  • Select properties for which you can get high-quality photos
  • Property sizes, number of bedrooms, and price range
  • Quality of construction and property age
  • Local attributes and amenities, such as air quality, lifestyle, transportation, and nearby educational offerings
  • Property upkeep and rental management services

#5 Prepare materials

Prepare plenty of business cards and any brochures that will help Chinese agents better understand your company’s brand and services. Here are some things to be aware of:

  • Make sure to use high-quality photos
  • You may like to translate some information to Simplified Chinese. [TIP: If you have a Juwai listing package already, some of your materials may already be translated! The China Professional listing packages comes with translations for your company overview, your personal bio, as well property descriptions.]
  • Include links to your Juwai Chinese Company Page and listings – this way Chinese agents and buyers can access your information online, in Chinese, and behind China’s Great Firewall.

#6 Learn a few Chinese words

If possible, pick up a few simple phrases in Mandarin, such as “Ni Hao” (one of our favourite phrases in Juwai!), which means “hello” in Mandarin. When you put effort in learning their language to better communicate with them, not only will you convey your sincerity, but it will also show your respect for their culture, which helps make them more comfortable in working together with you.

#7 Create a WeChat account

WeChat – the most popular messaging app in China – can be a powerful communication tool to connect with Chinese agents and buyers. That said, we suggest you create a WeChat account (it’s easy and free!) before you head to the Summit if you don't have one already. That way, you can immediately use it to link up with Chinese agents during the networking session.



#8 Observe and retain

You will glean exclusive knowledge from industry veterans and experts during the morning speaker sessions. Take note of key differences between various case studies, jot down tips on how to work with and foster relationships with Chinese to use in the afternoon session, and make note of questions you may want to follow up speakers on later. [TIP: There is some time for Q&A, and you can always try to catch them after the session, later in the day, or in your post event follow-up.}

#9 Network, network, network

The afternoon session is all about building relationships and networking. Chinese agents will circulate the room to meet with international agents and developers of interest, so make sure you maximise this chance. If you’re not leaving for a few more days, you can also set up follow-up meetings after the Summit to discuss things in further detail with Chinese agents of particular interest.

#10 Disseminate information that helps them help you

Typically, Chinese agents encounter a large number of clients and do not have exclusivity to clients. Hence, knowledge is crucial for them to build their key business relationships as well. To help you increase the chances of accessing their client base, you can ensure you’re top-of-mind when they speak to Chinese buyers by arming them with your materials and key points for your listings.

#11 Arm your interpreter

For those who need it, a Chinese interpreter is arranged to be at your table to help you liaise and communicate with Chinese agents who stop to talk to you. We select and vet all the interpreters we provide to ensure quality interpreters, but it will help them (and you) if you can tell them a bit about yourself, your company, and your country so they can better communicate your value and benefits to Chinese agents as they’re speaking. [TIP: You can give them an overview when you’re waiting for the networking session to start.]



#12 Study up on China

Stay a few more days after the Summit to see China! Since you’re already all the way out there, why not take time to gain a better understanding of China’s culture and local lifestyle? You may pick up some interesting anecdotes on Chinese behaviour, and walk away with some fun talking points for when you meet future customers from China.

#13 Check out any property expos

If there are any property expos occurring before or after the Summit, do consider visiting one, or possibly even exhibit if it’s a quality show. It’s a great way to see what is going on globally, and get a glimpse of buzzing Chinese property buyers – some of which attend to find and ask about overseas properties. [TIP: Ask about our list of Juwai Recommended property expos!]

#14 Follow-up meetings

As mentioned earlier, a good way to maximise your time in China is to arrange a few follow-up meetings with agents you met at the networking session. While you’re still in town, build your rapport further with your new Chinese agent contacts. You can discuss opportunities of interest in greater detail, and begin to build your guanxi (trust and relationship) with them. [Tip: A simple cup of coffee or a small gift as a gesture of sincerity can boost your guanxi.]

#15 Keep in touch

Once back from China, it’s important to touch base with the Chinese agents you connected with during the Summit. Both email or WeChat are important ways for follow up, but what’s important is being able to swap pertinent news, share property photos, and provide answers to Chinese agents to arm them with the information they need to attract Chinese investor interest to your listings and services. If you attend a property expo during your trip, you should do the same for any Chinese buyers you meet.


Last but not least…

Armed with these tips, we hope you return home flush with success at the Summit. So the next time a Chinese buyer, partner or contact flies in, remember to apply the key attributes you learnt from the Summit.

And when you do close the deal, don’t forget to carefully cultivate an abiding guanxi with your client. Who knows, your Chinese buyer may very well refer you to his entire network of (equally wealthy) friends.

Good luck in your bold foray into the Chinese market!


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