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The simplest answer to "Why use"

By Juwai, 11 June 2016
Why Use Juwai AREC 2014
This is a guest post by Global Director of Public Relations, Dave Platter and updated in August 2020.

Hi, there. I want to thank you for selecting this blog post – out of the hundreds on – to read today.

I asked to write this guest post because I’ve been chatting of late with dozens of real estate agents and developers online.

After talking with the many, many people who already list their properties on our site, or are interested in doing so, I’ve learned much – very much.

My conversations with agents and developers was a real eye opener for me, since I usually spend my time talking about Juwai IQI (our holding company) to reporters and editors around the world who write about and I don’t usually talk to so many of the agents and developers who use the two websites.

What surprised me the most was how hungry new customers are for a really simple answer to the question,

“Why should I list my properties on”

Many of them wanted to persuade their boss or colleagues to put the whole office’s listings on our site. I couldn’t give them a complex message, and expect them to remember it long enough to travel back home and repeat it to their team later in the week.

Luckily enough, I have a simple answer to that question. It’s right here, in this flow chart:

why use

So, it’s as simple as that. is the number one source of Chinese buyers for property in 196 countries around the world. Our 3.3 million monthly audience and 2.8 million listings are just further evidence of our ability to help you make more money. Plus, we now have a sister website – – which caters to non-China audience in Asia, meaning you are getting even more exposure.

After the Chinese, other Asians - from the Chinese territories of Hong Kong and Taiwan, and from Singapore, India, Japan, South Korea and Malaysia - are the most active cross-border real estate buyers in the world. is designed to cater to this group of buyers.

Wherever you are located on this great green globe of ours, you won’t be as successful with Chinese or other Asian buyers as you could be – until you’re listing on and


Choosing your Juwai product

Once you decide to make more money by listing on on these two websites, your next question is, “Which product is right for me?”

Juwai products are structured like those of many other real estate portals. There are basic subscriptions, and there are add-ons that you can buy for even better results.

The basic subscription that most agents go for is what we call the Asia Pro 10 package. It’s a good choice, as it’s like a basic starter pack and has several key benefits.

Asia Pro 10 comes with a multi-language (Chinese and English) company profile page that establishes your brand in China (via as well as in the rest of Asia (via Asia Pro 10 allows you to put up to 10 listings on both websites (along with floor plans and photos) and the full support of our multi-lingual call centre and account management teams.

“It’s such a good price, we’d be stupid not to do this.”

That’s what several agents told me over the past couple of days. They were blown away by the benefits and the low cost. As I write this, the Asia Pro 10 package costs just $550 per month, to list up to 10 properties.

Of course, you can spend more, and improve your results even further. And, if you do luxury property, new developments or commercial properties, we have special channels to help you reach just the right audience for those specific needs.

Even so, the Asia Pro 10 is often the best first step for getting your property and your brand established not only in China but also the rest of Asia ..

It even includes a Chinese-language company profile page, communicating your key brand message, showing all of your listings and all the agents in your office.

So, it’s as simple as that.


To keep things really simple, here’s a recap:

  • Spend US$550 a month and your listings are featured in both and
  • Use your China marketing expertise as a listing tool.
  • Benefit from having Chinese buyers see your listing.
  • Make your vendors happy and enjoy your job more.
  • And, at the end of the day, make more money.

And that’s not all. We also have a “Juwai Live” program where agents and developers go live on Facebook to introduce their latest projects or latest development. Learn more here.

If you want to get started right now, just click on the “Sign Up” button here or at the top of this page.



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