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Juwai releases 2018 Chinese Consumer International Travel Survey findings

By Juwai, 26 January 2018
Juwai Chinese Consumer Travel Report Sneak Peek

92% of Chinese consumers intend to travel overseas in 2018 – 77% who have property purchase intentions in mind.1

China is the world’s largest and fastest-growing outbound tourism market, and already, China Outbound Tourism Research Institute (COTRI) is predicting China’s outbound travellers will grow from over 122 million in 2016 to hit 154 million this year in 2018.2

By 2020, Chinese international travellers are projected to reach 200 million, says China Tourism Academy (CTA).3

Seeing as Chinese outbound tourism is often linked with their overseas property purchasing intentions, we surveyed 256 Chinese consumers from 28 China provinces and 11 overseas countries to gain a deeper understanding of their travel and property investment plans over the upcoming Chinese New Year and the rest of 2018.

Here’s a sneak peek of what we’ve found from this survey:

#1 Chinese favour Chinese New Year Golden Week for outbound travel in 2018

According to our survey, of the 92% who plan to holiday abroad1, China's Spring Festival – also known as Chinese New Year or Lunar New Year – is their most-preferred time to travel overseas.

2018 outbound travel plans of Chinese consumers

25% of Chinese respondents intend to travel outbound during the Chinese New Year Golden Week, compared to 14% who picked the July-August summer school holidays and the 5% who voted for the October National Day Golden Week.1

This finding marks the Lunar New Year holidays as a lucrative period for you, and other agents as well as developers, to leverage by ramping up your marketing activities and China strategy for better success with the Chinese market within these 7 days.

However, 48% also indicated their intention to travel overseas during the remaining off-peak months throughout the year1, which is possibly due to a growing group of wealthy Chinese travellers who increasingly prefer to avoid outbound travels during peak holiday seasons.

According to Hurun's '2017 Chinese Luxury Traveller' report, 59% of Chinese luxury travellers would purposely opt to skip travelling over national holidays.

#2 North America remains the most preferred holiday region for Chinese this year

On a regional level, 29% picked North America as their top vacation region for 2018, followed by Asia (23%), Australasia (20%), and Europe (19%).1

If we delve in deeper to a country level, 20% voted for the US as their favoured holiday location. Australia and Thailand – both which scored a 14% vote, respectively – came in tied as the next most popular travel destination for Chinese in 2018.1

This finding correlates with Juwai data, which showed the US, Australia, and Thailand to be the top 3 most popular property investment destinations for Chinese buyers on in 2017.


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