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Top networking tips for the Juwai Chinese Real Estate Agent Summit

By Juwai, 20 November 2018
Juwai real estate summit

Juwai’s Global Real Estate Agent Summit is taking place in Shanghai on 5 December, 2018, and time is running out if you want to be there.

The Summit includes an important networking opportunity to make face-to-face connections, not only with Chinese real estate agents by also with property professionals from around the world.

Making the most of this outstanding opportunity requires some advance planning, and here are some tips to get the most from the Juwai Agent Summit.

Elevator pitches

Whilst you should consider rehearsing a 10-second pitch about yourself and what you hope to achieve, you should also open your ears and listen. It could end up being a total mis-match meeting, and if that’s the case say ‘thank you’ and move on.

Business cards

Respectfully swap business cards, and read them. Do not thrust them into your pocket the moment you get given one.  That’s a sign that you don’t really care about the person in front of you. If there is a connection make sure you follow up by email within hours, or the opportunity is lost. And, bring twice the number of business cards you think you will need.

Be memorable

However you achieve it, be memorable. Whether it’s a red bow-tie or a outstanding business card, give something people to remember you by. Storytelling is also a good way to be memorable,

Quality, not quantity.

When you find someone that matches your needs, it’s a valuable connection that should not be ignored. Focus on people who take a serous interest in what you are offering, and ideally have worked with companies from your country in the past.

Business culture

Knowing even small amounts of Chinese business etiquette, language and culture will help, and will be seen as a good thing. Spend an hour before you Juwai Agent Summit to learn a little bit of basic language and culture before you arrive. Many free Apps can help.

Ending the meeting

How you end the meeting is equally important as how you start it. Hold eye contact, a sign of honestly, then recap what your next step will be – and stick to it.


Juwai’s Agent Summit takes please in Shanghai on 5 December, 2018. Understandably, space is limited so if you’re interested to attend and hear from Chinese and global property professionals you should register now before it’s too late. Your email questions about the Juwai Chinese Agent Summit will be answered here.