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A not-to-be missed opportunity for all in the real estate industry

By Juwai, 08 August 2019
Roadshow will be hitting the road come September, taking participants on an exclusive journey that will help them reach Chinese buyers interested in overseas property investments.

Planned and organised by, the China Roadshow is an unmissable business and networking platform of the international real estate and investment sector. Taking place from September 13-27 this year, the event, lasting 12 days altogether, will cover five vibrant cities – Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Xiamen and Shenzhen.

The roadshow aims to connect China real estate, investment, emigration agents, Chinese buyers and property developers with each other and provide opportunities for them to explore either their investment needs or to expand their business.

Overseas Property & Immigration & Investment (OPI) Exhibition

First stop is the Overseas Property & Immigration & Investment (OPI) Exhibition to be held in Shanghai from September 13-15. The 18th edition of OPI Expo is a unique platform for international companies seeking to enter the Chinese market. Over the past couple of years, the OPI expo has evolved into a full-grown investment fair that has garnered recognition for being able to draw quality customers with strong goals. Last year, it attracted 190 exhibitors from 41 countries and saw a massive turnout of 36,833 visitors.

Juwai China Agent Summit

Then the show continues to Guangzhou for the Juwai China Agent Summit. This one-day event on September 18 is another unique event that allows international real estate professionals from around the world to learn about the China market and network directly with Chinese agents in thriving sectors that attract Chinese overseas property buyers. Past participants of previous summits acknowledge that the event is great for networking and forging new connections.

Juwai Overseas Property Expo

Next stop is across the border to Hong Kong. The Juwai Overseas Property Expo to be held on September 22 will showcase properties by the industry’s finest developers and real estate agents. Over 10 investment seminars will take place and to date, some 300 property investors with desires to grow their investment portfolios have already signed up. For property developers, this event provides a great opportunity to build brand awareness and keep abreast of current trends in the Chinese buyers’ market.

Etouje Summit 2019

Then its back to the mainland for another round of catching up on new ideas, creative thoughts and ground breaking solutions at the Etouje Summit. This year’s summit will be held in two cities. From September 16-18, Xiamen will play host to this unique event before it moves to Shenzhen where the excitement continues from September 23-24.

The Etouje Summit is South China’s largest international real estate, investment and immigration fair, specialising in providing overseas real estate and immigration information for enterprises and customers through website platforms and channels. Other than online, Etouje also organises offline exhibitions and networking events across industries for customer engagement and experience sharing. Past participants have praised it as a ‘must-go’ event for professionals in this particular sector of the industry.

Early Bird bonus

And for those who still haven’t got wind of this exciting whirlwind tour, all is not lost. still has an Early Bird bonus for those who signed up now. The Early Bird perk gives participants a host of extra exposure such as premium online listings, banners and mention in the Juwai Global Property Catalogue distributed exclusively to high-net-worth Chinese nationals.

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