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5 reasons why Seattle is sought after city among Asian buyers

By Juwai, 23 April 2021
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Ranked among one of the best places to live in the United States, Seattle is not only surrounded by lush evergreen forests - the city is famous for being environmentally friendly.

There are many great reasons to consider moving to Seattle. From the world-class schools to a unique cultural experience, here 5 reasons why Seattle is sought after city among Asian buyers.


1. The many distinct neighbourhoods

With over 100 distinct neighbourhoods in Seattle, there’s certainly a place for anyone to call home.

Founded by immigrants, the neighbourhood consists of smaller communities and changed as the city grew over the years, with each emerging a personality of its own.

Overall, learning Seattle’s different localities is a great way for different groups to begin their search for a new home;

  • For Students: The University District
  • For Young Couples: Capitol Hill
  • For Families: West Seattle
  • For Retirees: Queen Anne

Asian buyers who call Seattle home are looking to become part of a thriving community. The vibrant diversity was similar to their own home countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, China, and Vietnam.


2. A reasonable cost of living

While Seattle is one of the more expensive cities in the country, the exorbitant costs end there.

In many other categories, such as groceries and healthcare, Seattle residents pay a similar amount to many other Americans. If one can find a steady job, the higher costs can be offset by relatively high incomes.


3. Many choices in Seattle’s job market

When living in Seattle, residents earn above-average income – where the hourly wages and yearly salaries are both well above national averages. This includes a significantly above-average minimum wage.

Incomes for top-tier jobs have skyrocketed due to increased demand for highly skilled and well-educated employees in Seattle’s burgeoning tech industry. This is where the Seattle area is home to corporate powerhouses like Amazon, Microsoft, and Expedia.


4. Seattle is the US’s most educated city

With a title such as that, over 500 schools are located in Seattle, including a diverse mix of public and private institutions.

The University of Washington is the largest and most well-known institute for higher learning in the Seattle metropolitan area. Seattle University, Seattle Pacific University, and Seattle Central College also house large student populations.

The University of Washington has an outstanding graduation rate - over 80% of students consistently earning a degree.


5. A large Asian-American community as a haven

Since the 1960s, Seattle has become home to many South, and Southeast Asian immigrants and the neighbourhood just east of the International District is now known as Little Saigon. 

This fusion of Pacific Rim cultures gives the region a unique flavour and aesthetic. The influence of Asian cultural traditions can be seen everywhere in Seattle – in architecture, garden design, regional cuisine, and the arts.