What advice can other top real estate agents give you about working with international buyers?

Magazine Real Estate Business decided to find out (September 2013). They interviewed five agency principals.

Two of the five said Juwai.com is a key tool. The magazine is based in Australia, but we think you will find these three highlights to be of use - no matter what country you work in:

  • "The Internet is a very important medium as we have found many overseas buyers rely heavily on it when looking for property."
  • "[Overseas websites are] the basis that we used to attract people who aren't in [oour country] but are looking for property here, to being part of those sites makes a big difference."
  • "My focus has been on the Chinese market so I advertise all my properties through Chinese portal Juwai, which is very easy."

This article appeared in the print magazine, but you can read other good real estate coverage at Real Estate Business's website.