Berlin, Dresden and Wiesbaden are top destinations in Germany for Chinese buyers according to, reports top German newspaper, Handelsblatt (2 May 2014). "Buyers feel the prices in major German cities are low," says Simon Henry, Co-CEO of Prices in Berlin, for example, seem ridiculously cheap when you consider the fact that a property in Shanghai – the new district of Pudong – cost somewhere between 7000 - 20,000 euros per square meter. A similar property in Berlin-Mitte may be around 4000 euros per square meter. Henry also notes that Chinese buyers consider the investment to be safe, given Germany's relatively stable political, legal and economic environment. Chinese buyers will spend around 30 billion Euros annually, and they're willing to pay high prices. They're looking for good locations offering quality educational opportunities, and the trend for international real estate purchasing by Chinese buyers continues to increase. [Original article in German.]