Australian real estate is predicted to become even more popular with Chinese buyers, thanks to the temporary halt of the American EB-5 visa, reports The Canberra Times (11 September 2014). Slated to resume in October 2015, the interim pause is said to be due to excessive demand from Mainland Chinese, whose applications eclipsed the allowed quota of 10,667 visas for this year – a first for the visa programme since its establishment in 1990. Australia, according to, is the second favourite country for Chinese buyers after the US, and is expected to benefit from the hiatus of the EB-5 visa. Since the Australian Significant Investment Visas began in November 2012, 87.4% of approved visas were granted to the Chinese. Andrew Taylor, Co-CEO says,"There is a clear correlation between Chinese demand for premium Australian homes and the number of investor visas that are approved."