Chinese buyers are not the true cause of Australian housing price inflation, reports Real Estate Business (30 October 2014). According to auctioneer and property agent, Robert Ding of Marshall White Boroondara who was interviewed by A Current Affair, Australia already has many local Chinese citizens since the Gold Rush – all who are equally true-blooded Australians even if they are of Chinese descent. Co-CEO, Andrew Taylor also shared insights with REB regarding the popularity of Australia with Chinese buyers, stating that the great lifestyle available as well as the fact that English is the predominant language as major drawcards. He also emphasised that Chinese property investments brings major benefits that are necessary for several sectors in Australia to flourish – especially the educational, industrial and real estate industries – such as the steady propagation of more jobs, aiding Australians in becoming wealthier by bringing cash flow into the country for property purchases, and helping to add to the new supply of homes. “The Reserve Bank seldom says anything outright, but on this it has made an exception. It has clearly stated that investors and supply restraints are the real cause of Australia’s rising home prices. [...] Chinese buyers in particular have helped first-time buyers by boosting the supply of new homes in the market. They buy off-the-plan at rates that let developers start construction. Not enough locals do that,” says Taylor.