The Canadian government has announced it would allocate C$500,000 to track and research international property investors in Canada, reports Your Investment Property (29 March 2016). This move is set to provide a better comprehension of the breadth of offshore real estate investments in Canada, especially with Chinese investors. Last year, Chinese buyers were estimated to have invested C$12.7 billion into Vancouver’s residential property market, as well as C$9 billion into Toronto’s residential housing market. While the government’s announcement was welcome, experts have deemed the amount insufficient to provide an in-depth understanding nor reveal the true scope of foreign property investments. CEO Charles Pittar urged governments to be be committed in providing information about foreign buyers, as it would help clear misconceptions about international investor impact on housing markets. He cited Australia as a prime example of how transparency aids locals in realising how offshore investment benefits the country and the people on a whole. “The recent (Australian) Parliamentary inquiry looked into offshore real estate investment and concluded it was ‘vital’ to improving supply and moderating price gains and affordability,” explained Pittar.