Juwai.com has launched the first Chinese-language mobile app in the world for global properties, reports OPP Connect (15 March 2014). The iPad and Android versions will be available soon but for now, Chinese overseas homebuyers can now search for 2.4 million properties in 53 countries with the free Juwai.com iPhone app. Featuring location-based services, Chinese buyers can seek property listings around their current vicinity, which is very useful for international buyers who may be unfamiliar with the local neighbourhood. Once they find a suitable property, they can liaise directly with the agents, or contact the Juwai Customer Support Centre through phone, email, voice mail or instant message all via the mobile app. "Chinese consumers tested the Beta version of this app while travelling overseas, before we launched it. Asking them what they wanted, and getting them to test it, is all part of how we continue to serve this strong emerging market force," says Juwai.com Co-CEO, Andrew Taylor. 42% of Chinese super-rich consider their smartphone as their favourite way to shop online, and with China being Apple's second biggest market for mobile devices, launching the app on iPhone first is definitely the way to go. Even more so as mobile access to Juwai.com have been known to double during Golden Weeks in China, when many Chinese combine holiday travels with property hunt abroad.