Dubai's developers would reap better success with Chinese by capitalising on the high-class education facilities in Dubai, reports The National (7 September 2016). Despite the local Chinese population growing 53 percent last year, few Dubai developers targeting Chinese buyers have been successful enough, but this could change should they highlight the world-class education offerings in Dubai. Chinese parents have been known to buy property for their children to live in while studying abroad, and many tend to plan ahead, investing in property years in advance while their children is still young. According to Bernie Morris,’s president for the UK, Europe, and the Middle East, "What we find is a bit of a missed opportunity is that one of the major drivers for Chinese investors is education. Obviously, both ­Dubai and Abu Dhabi have invested quite heavily in bringing in some high-class education facilities. Presenting that and offering it to the Chinese in an effective way will certainly help to drive demand for property investment."