Despite substantial evidence proving otherwise, misconceptions over the actual impact of Chinese property investment in Australia has prevailed, reports Xinhua News (20 February 2017). Stories of foreign buyers being forced to sell the property they have acquired has led to many Australians remaining quick to point fingers at Chinese and other foreign property investors for inflating property prices in Melbourne and Sydney, even as the Australian government is striving to target those same foreign investors – especially Chinese buyers – to increase the housing supply stock in Australia. However, Chinese investment into the Australian property market is, in fact, too minimal to become the major reason behind Australia's housing supply and affordability crisis. According to Gavin Norris, head of Australia for, one of the largest real estate websites in China, only 61 out of over 2,000 investigations have led to forced sales, which equates to a three percent wrongdoing rate. "That, in light of the small figure, when you look at it as the total investment of foreign capital into Australia's real estate, it's an even smaller sum. Of all those forced sales which accounted for roughly 140 million dollars, when you look at it in the terms of the 343 billion dollars in foreign purchases in 2010, its four hundredths of one percent. It's a quite miniscule problem I think," said Norris.