The Chinese love for Australian luxury property has shown no signs of waning, reports the Australian Financial Review (29 March 2017). Australia appeals to the world's high net worth (HNW) as both emigration and investment destination alike, thanks to its lifestyle and relative stability offered by its reputation as a 'safe haven from political upheavals'. For Chinese buyers, Australia's proximity to China is also highly enticing. According to Charles Pittar, CEO of, the leading Chinese international property website, Australia's Significant Investor Visa programme attracts about 50 new high net worth individuals (HNWIs) each month – four out of five who come from China. "Australia is like the Switzerland of the South Pacific. It's the perfect combination of developed-world opportunity and convenience and a relaxed lifestyle, beautiful environment and welcoming attitude. HNWIs the world over, but especially in Asia, are putting a new emphasis on health, happiness and quality of life," said Pittar. [This article is available in print only]