Chinese real estate website is rolling out a NZ campaign for Chinese buyers before the government implements a foreign buyer ban, reports Stuff (17 November 2017). The marketing campaign will involve 40 New Zealand real estate agents, and will urge Chinese buyers who have been considering to buy Kiwi properties for the past six to eight months to move fast before the foreign buyer ban comes into effect early next year. "We're talking about your typically family, people thinking about moving to New Zealand or having someone come over to study or who like visiting New Zealand or maybe think one day they retire there. It's not usually just for mercenary investment goals, it's usually some sort of family goal as well," said Dave Platter, Global PR & Communications Director. According to Jane Lu, Head of Australia and New Zealand at, the top 5 cities for Chinese buyers in New Zealand are Auckland, followed by Christchurch, Wellington, Queenstown, and Hamilton. "Compared to USA and Australia, fewer Kiwi developers and agents are selling in China. The goal is to help Chinese buyers and New Zealand property marketers and vendors find each other," said Lu.