Australian property investment group Ironfish has made a strategic investment in, reports Australian Broker (21 December 2017). This investment with, a leading Chinese property portal, could potentially open up new opportunities for Australian mortgage brokers to provide financing to Chinese buyers, whose interest in Australia has led it to become the second-most popular investment destination for Chinese buyers, after the US. "Even though Chinese buying is off last year's incredible record high, just-released RBA data shows that Chinese buyers still snap up about every fifth newly-built apartment," said Carrie Law, CEO of  According to Ironfish founder Joseph Chou, “At Ironfish, while our Chinese buyers represent only a portion of our overall customer base, we still see very strong demand of Chinese customers coming to purchase property in Australia – whether it’s to buy property for their children to live in when they come here to study, or for when they migrate, or simply as an investment. We see that demand will continue."