Interest for property in New Zealand has leapt by a third as Chinese rush to buy before the foreign buyer ban comes into effect, reports RNZ (25 January 2018). Shortly after New Zealand Parliament announced the law change that would prevent non-residents from purchasing existing Kiwi property or residential land, Chinese real estate portal launched a NZ campaign to help Chinese buyers secure a NZ property before the foreign buyer ban is implemented. According to Global PR & Communications Director Dave Platter, "Since we've been running the campaign and comparing it to November, the period just before the campaign, we've had a 35 percent increase in buyer demand or buyer inquiries for New Zealand property." Platter further added since the new law is still in the process of being passed through the Parliament, the campaign has been extended throughout February as the 2018 Chinese New Year falls in the middle of February. "A lot of Chinese, especially for higher income levels who travel for Chinese New Year, might combine property hunting with their trip – so this is a period in which a lot of buyers would be doing their research and starting to talk to agents and start to look at property online," said Platter.