Asian proptech group Juwai IQI has made it easier for 4.6 billion residents of Asia to purchase homes in the Americas, Europe, and the Pacific, thanks to strategic moves, reports Benzinga (28 September 2020). Juwai IQI operates two Asian real estate super-brands. IQI is the No.1 real estate network in Southeast Asia and the Middle East, has more than 15,000 salespeople across 15 countries. Over the past three months, Juwai IQI has formed a partnership with Standard Chartered, expanded its IQI network in Singapore, India, Thailand and Canada, and beefed up its senior teams with three significant appointments. Juwai IQI Executive Chairman Georg Chmiel said: "Juwai IQI's geographic cover now encompasses the world's most dynamic economies: Greater China, the Indian subcontinent and ASEAN. With roughly half of the global population, the three regions continue to see strong GDP growth relative to the rest of the world. ASEAN in particular benefits from favourable long-term demographics and a growing middle class. He also added that Chinese consumers are leading the demand for global real estate, with buyers in India and the ASEAN countries following. In large part, this activity is driven by rapid growth in high net worth individuals. Asia's relatively strong economic growth made 2019 the first year in which the global population of US$ millionaires exceeded 20 million.