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Get more leads from your property listing

By Juwai, 01 November 2018
Get more leads for your property listing

Creating an eye-catching and compelling property listing is an essential part of property marketing. It’s also one task that’s often overlooked, or one where not enough attention is given to create the best possible user experience.

Some real estate agents and developers will choose to hire professional copywriters solely for this task, and to make sure every word counts. When you’re working in a foreign language, such as Mandarin, it’s even more important to ensure your listing is grammatically correct and in tune with the local culture.

Here are five important things to consider when you are creating a property listing, and that will ultimately generate more leads and potential sales.


You should ideally aim for no more than six words in the title of your property listing. These words should be captivating and enticing. Think of these words like a newspaper headline. Readers will focus on the headlines that attract them first, and you need property seekers to be attracted to your listing ahead of others.


The same is true for images in your listing. Invest in the best possible images. These better images will act as an enticement to property seekers and will lead to more enquiries. Your images should be clear and crisp, and of the actual property being sold or rented. When you list a property on, you do not need to add watermarks; they are automatically added by our system.


All property listings should include the correct asking price and not ‘Contact for Price’, for example. Very few property searchers will make the effort to contact an agent or developers where there is no price listed. In some countries it’s also against the law not to include a price within the property listing.


Focus solely on the property and what it has to offer. Keep your listing words simple and short. The most effective listings are between 150 and 200 words in length. Give away enough to tempt the potential client to make an enquiry, but don’t give everything away so that the user is left without a reason to contact you for more details. Put yourself in the mind of the reader and what they will want to know on their initial property search. If you’re aiming to attract Chinese property buyers and investors you should try to spell out how your property can fulfill one or several of their main buying motivations. If you need to know what they are we can help.


The first 150 characters (not words) of your property listing are the most important, both in terms of search engines and for attracting viewer interest. Remember you are in competition for attention so the better your listing description and images, the better the chance a Chinese consumer will become quality lead. Ultimately, quality listings equal quality leads.


When agents and property developers work with Juwai to reach Chinese property buyers and investors, professional translations of property listings are part of the service. Find out more today.