In the past few years, Chinese buyers have started to make their presence felt on the global property market, snapping up everything from luxurious trophy homes and vineyards, to more modest condominiums and investment opportunities. For many Chinese, global property investment is an emerging opportunity which until recently was out of reach.

Second only to the US in terms of international buying power, Chinese buyers represent a tremendous new market opportunity for property sellers around the world. CBRE estimates wealthy Chinese will invest as much as $180 billion on international property. Yet, new opportunity brings new challenges in reaching, communicating and engaging this new market.

Great rise of the Chinese consumer

China boasts some of the wealthiest people on the planet, most whose personal fortunes can dwarf treasuries of medium-sized countries, and the growing population of upper-middle-class Chinese now also has their eyes set on international property.

63 million

upper-middle-class Chinese

2.8 million

high-net-worth Chinese

220 million

affluent Chinese by 2022

Property is investment of choice –
a stable investment exemplifying wealth & status

Chinese buyers spent US$37 billion on international residential property in 2013

70% pay cash for property purchases

Motivations for Chinese global property investment


of Chinese

consume 30% of world's luxury products


of wealthy Chinese

have or are seriously considering emigrating overseas


of wealthy Chinese

are already engaged in overseas investment or immigration


of wealthy Chinese

want to educate their children overseas

Sources: Hurun 2013 Wealth Report, Hurun Luxury Consumer Survey 2014, AT Kearny, NAR 2013, Research

How Chinese search for property

For international purchases, Chinese buyers conduct as much research as possible about a property listing, the company selling the property, the country property laws, immigration requirements, education standards, and many other personal criteria each individual may have. They favour famous brands (Chinese or Western), or companies that can display their professionalism and good reputation. Most confer

with family both offline and online via Chinese social media, and naturally, information not in Chinese is difficult to consider. Some Chinese buyers will establish early contact about a property, whilst others will take the time to research your company before making contact. For many Chinese, they often wait for their China travel visa approval and will call about the listing from the airport.

of Mainland Chinese

can read English

of affluent Chinese

consider the internet as the preferred
source of information

of affluent Chinese

access the internet each day

90 million

online property seekers

500 million

mobile internet users

618 million

Chinese online users

The Great Firewall of China

Websites hosted outside of China can either be blocked entirely or experience page load times of over 2 minutes – today’s consumers expect better. If your page doesn’t load, Chinese buyers can go elsewhere to access a wealth of information. For every international social media site, there’s a Chinese version that’s wildly popular and easily within reach. is the only international property portal hosted on both sides of China’s Great Firewall.

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