Event Services

Attending the right events can be key to your integrated Chinese marketing strategy. Face-to-face interaction not only builds trust with Chinese buyers, it gives you vital insight into their purchasing habits too.

China’s event landscape, however, is ridden with barriers – from language and culture to standard business practices. We leverage our local market expertise to give you even greater access to Chinese buyers through event services, helping you extend your global reach and achieve brand exposure at the best events and expos across China.

Juwai Summit

Our Juwai China Agent Summits are designed specifically to connect international agents with local China agents. These agent-to-agent summits are a unique opportunity to transcend borders and create alliances with agents in China, which can lead to buyer referrals, sales, and a better understanding of Chinese buyers.

Juwai Overseas Property Expos

Organised by Juwai.com, China’s most trusted overseas property platform, Juwai Overseas Property Expos are global fairs showcasing properties by the industry’s finest developers and real estate agents.

The expos feature 10+ investment seminars and attract up to 300 property investors with desires to grow their investment portfolios.

Private Events

Juwai’s private events target interested and motivated Chinese buyers for global property developers and agencies. In addition to making onsite sales our private events help to build brand awareness among Chinese property buyers and investors.

Juwai Global Chinese Choice Awards

The Juwai Global Chinese Choice Awards (GCCA) is the benchmark of excellence in international property development and services dedicated to the China market.

Aimed at raising the spotlight on the industry’s finest, this is the first and only awards programme of its kind to reward developers, real estate agencies, and property-related professionals from all around the world and focused on China.

Partners’ Event and Expos

Our Juwai Events team brings years of experience with consumer expos in China, and can help identify which events are most suitable to reach Chinese buyers interested in overseas property. We take care of everything from A to Z, including booking booth space, language support, and more.

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Upcoming Events

13 - 15 Dec, 2019

17th Money Fair Shanghai​

This fair is an unique platform for international companies seeking to enter the Chinese market.

13 - 16 Dec, 2019

2019 China Rendez-Vous

China Rendez-Vous is a premium lifestyle exhibition featuring global top brands, including luxury yachts, jets, cars, watches & jewelries, fashion, home & design, up-scaled properties and fine arts.​