The most integrated platform
connecting agents and Asian buyers

Our Expertise

Fuelled by our experience from our enquiry-based data, we help your brand accomplish the quantum leap into China’s and Asia’s digital landscape and strategically reach up to 4.6 billion residents of Asia – of which over 2.6 million are Chinese high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) - to effectuate and maintain your brand exposure in the international real estate sector.

Broaden Audience Base

Leverage data to identify potential buyers and successful property types for each region.

Boost Quality Traffic

Use the power of data to maximise advertising efficiency.

Maximise Lead & Conversion

  • Use data for engagement and convert likely buyers.
  • Apply data to increase conversion rate and close deals.

Optimise Resources

Use data to help you manage your team and resources with excellent efficiency and effectiveness.

For International Agents

Juwai provides a full range of services to help agents get their properties in the right language and all over Asia.

We also get you through the right mobile and social channels, and provide the research and statistics to tailor your strategy to reach today’s massive audience of Chinese overseas property buyers.

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Exclusive Audience

Access Juwai's exclusive audience of 5.5 million monthly active users. This audience has the means and desire to invest in international property.

Juwai Admin

This simple-to-use English language portal is your gateway to Asia, allowing you to upload your property data, photos, and descriptions.

Professional Translation

Machine translation tools (like Google Translate), whilst impressive looking, can do irreparable damage to your brand. Our professional editorial team translates in a style and tone that resonates with Chinese buyers.

Behind China’s Great Firewall

Websites not hosted in China can be blocked or experience page load times of over 2 minutes – intolerable by today’s standards. is hosted in China, providing consumers fast access to your listings and information.

International Account Management Support

You’re never alone. The Juwai team helps with account enquiries, lead translation requests, and general support. Collectively, we speak 15 languages and dialects.

Asia Consumer Support Centre

Our dedicated consumer support team, based in China, helps field and translate any enquiries you get and then passes them to you. Enquiries can be made via online enquiry forms and a dedicated toll-free 400 number in China.

Mobile & Social Media Integration

Our Juwai Mobile App with Western and Chinese social media integration, combined with online social media features, gives you unparalleled access and exposure to Asian buyers on-the-go.

Strength of Partnerships

Our partners include leading Asian media outlets, Chinese social marketing channels (WeChat and Weibo) and other Asian partners, giving you extended access to Asian consumers.

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For Asian Consumers is an international real estate platform aiming to empower Asian consumers to become global residents.

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For Chinese Consumers is an international Chinese platform – hosted in China, entirely in Chinese.

Chinese consumers get instant access to international property listings, language and search tools, as well as relevant research and information they need to make informed decisions about overseas property purchasing.

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Largest Selection of International Property

We offer over 6 million property listings from 111 countries, giving Asian buyers the most comprehensive collection of overseas property to search from.

Access Beyond China's Firewall

Hosting in China gives Chinese consumers the instant access and quality user experience they demand. If the site doesn’t load, Chinese buyers can’t see you.

Multiple Channels of Access

A range of channels – including social, mobile and offline events – allows Asian buyers to conveniently access international properties and the support they need, anytime, anywhere.

Chinese Language Website

Less than 1% of Mainland Chinese speaks English, and those who do still prefer to consume information in their native language. is entirely in Chinese, and our professional editorial team produces localised and relevant information in a style that resonates with Chinese buyers.

Market Analysis, News and Editorial

Our editorial team publishes market reports, research and news articles to give Asian consumers the knowledge they need to make informed purchasing decisions.

Asia Consumer Support Centre

International property buyers can access our Support Centre via online enquiry forms and social channels to get the in-language support they need on specific properties and general enquiries.