Juwai's Mission

Empowering Asian Property Investors To Be Global Residents

Our mission is to empower our Asian property buyers with the most comprehensive list of property listings, news features, market analysis and property buying guides to assist them in making informed and educated decisions about purchasing overseas property.

Who We Are

Juwai Limited is a subsidiary of Juwai IQI and operates property portals Juwai.com and Juwai.asia. Juwai.com serves Mainland China and Hong Kong property investors and Juwai.asia caters to non-China Asian buyers. Juwai Limited advertises US$4 trillion worth of properties from 111 countries every year.

Juwai IQI via the two portals - Juwai.com and Juwai.asia – now markets some 6 million listings per year to more than 5.5 million monthly active users. Reaching a large Asian audience, Juwai IQI serves almost half of the world’s population. It offers an end-to-end solution to real estate developers, landlords and agents across the world and supports them across the entire process of marketing and selling property to Asian buyers, both domestically and cross border. By blending the strengths of online classifieds portals with a modern technology-powered agent network, Juwai IQI is capable of closing transactions on behalf of developers and landlords.

Juwai.com & Juwai.asia

No.1 Chinese and Asia marketplace for overseas property

Juwai.com is where Chinese buyers find international property. First conceived in 2011 as the world’s first online property platform for international developers and agents to advertise their listings to high-net-worth (HNW) Mainland Chinese property buyers, it is now the largest and most authoritative source for global property in Chinese, with over 2.8 million property listings spanning 111 countries. Juwai.com also carries over 18,000 current news stories, country buying guides, and articles relating to education and emigration that caters to China’s and Asia’s massive social media community that is focused on international property.

Juwai.asia was launched in May 2020. Complementing China-focused Juwai.com, the new portal has extended Juwai IQI’s online reach by reaching consumers across Asia. As of July 2020, Asian consumers outside of China already account for 43 per cent of total buying enquiries.

After the Chinese, other Asians - from the Chinese territories of Hong Kong and Taiwan, and from Singapore, India, Japan, South Korea and Malaysia - are the most active cross-border real estate buyers in the world.

Juwai is based in both Shanghai and Hong Kong, operating in countries and regions including Southeast Asia, North Asia, North America, Australia, New Zealand, UAE, United Kingdom and Europe.

Our Strengths

Juwai provides the most comprehensive online property listings, news features, market analysis and property buying guides to assist high-net-worth (HNW) Asians - one of the world’s largest group of property buyers - in making informed and educated decisions about purchasing overseas real estate.

Our Expertise

Fuelled by our experience from our enquiry-based data from more than 5.5 million monthly active users, we help your brand accomplish the quantum leap into China’s and Asia’s digital landscape and strategically reach up to 4.6 billion residents of Asia – of which over 2.2 million are Chinese high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) - to effectuate and maintain your brand exposure in the international real estate sector.

Broaden Audience Base

Leverage data to identify potential buyers and the most successful property types for each region.

Boost Quality Traffic

Use the power of data to maximise advertising efficiency.

Maximise Lead & Conversion

  • Use data for engagement and convert the most likely buyers.
  • Apply data to increase conversion rate and close deals.

Optimise Resources

Use data to help you manage your own team and resources with the greatest efficiency and effectiveness.

Juwai.com and Juwai.asia– promote your property to Asian buyers throughout the world

Our full range of innovative products and services, backed by our integrated marketing platform, ensures listings get full exposure in in front of the world's largest group of cross-border property buyers on Juwai’s websites.