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Getting real business with Juwai

By Juwai, 20 March 2019

Getting real business with Juwai was the focus of a presentation by Georg Chmeil, Chairman of, at a high-profile industry event.

The 25th Property Portal Watch conference in Bangkok, Thailand, attracted more than 170 attendees from 35 countries.
Speakers from many of the world’s leading property portals and service provides, entertained delegates with a range of informative and educational presentations under the theme of “From classifieds to marketplaces – Capturing value from the transaction”.
Chmeil’s presentation, The Digital War of Platforms, How Marketplaces are Evolving, was well received by the global audience.
As well as sharing experiences of how Juwai works with global real estate agents and property developers, he also provided insights into marketing to Chinese property buyers.
Answering questions from attendees, he explained how many Chinese property buyers are purchasing off-plan real estate around the world, and in many cases without visiting the sites.
Earlier, the event kicked off with Simon Baker, former CEO of the REA Group who has been involved in property portals for more than 15 years, discussing how property portals can capture greater value. He stressed the importance of process and highlighted some of the challenges facing property search players.
Baker said that the are lots of reasons why changes need to happen, and shone the spotlight on how some property websites are moving closer to the transaction.
“New players are challenging the status quo”, he concluded.