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Tips to make the most of a property event

By Juwai, 14 February 2019
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For property professionals, attending a property exhibition or roadshow is an marketing investment to expose your development to a dedicated and motivated audience. Only people interested in purchasing real estate are likely to attend a property-focused event, so you must ensure that you make the most of a valuable opportunity.

Attending a property exhibition is regarded by many in the real estate industry as one of the most cost-effective ways to promote property developments. An event will also provide you with opportunities to interact with potential clients, face-to-face.

Here are some tips that can help you maximise your place at a property event.

Grab attention

Buying the largest exhibition space may not always give you the most exposure at a property event. Ultimately, it depends on what you do with the space that you buy. Think about light, bright and attractive. While you're thinking about the design of your sales booth you might want to remember the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words.

Visitors to a property exhibition will have many reasons for looking to buy or invest in real estate. Event organisers can help you to understand their motivations, whether it’s investment, education, retirement or for their own use. You can look to tailor your space to match.

Don’t hesitate to work with your event organisers to promote your place at a property exhibition. You may want to consider attracting visitors by using exhibition-only price promotions or other incentives. If the event is offering speaking opportunities you should not hesitate to use them. Providing an informative and educational presentation, without a hard sell, can often appeal to visitors.

Dealing with prospects

Most of your success when attending a property exhibition will be down to the staff you have at the event. Ensure they are trained to handle every possible question, including about location, taxes and legal issues.

Qualify your visitors and avoid asking closed questions. Open questions will encourage interaction that will provide you with the opportunity to know more about your visitors. Obtain as much information as possible about your visitor and treat it like gold. If someone is genuinely interested in what you are offering that will not hesitate to provide you with contact details.

Listen to what your visitor is saying. Think about selling the benefits of your property as opposed to the features. The offer of a 5% guaranteed return for three years could be more important to your visitor than being close to a mass-transit network. You will only know by asking.

Gathering detailed information about each visitor and their personal requirements will enable you to personalise the follow-up.


Just as important as anything you do at an exhibition is following up with your prospects and leads immediately after the event. Converting your leads into sales is essentially what your property exhibition investment is all about. It’s also where a lot of the hard work begins, and where the rewards from your property exhibition experience can largely depend on the quality of the follow-up you undertake.

Plan your follow-up process in the weeks before you even attend a property exhibition. Some exhibitions do produce deals and signed sales agreements at the event itself, but the vast majority of the benefits will happen in the hours,days and weeks after the event.

You will need to ensure you have the plans and the resources to deal with sales enquiries.


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