83% of China’s HNWIs plan to send their children abroad for international education.1

Indeed, the one thing that Chinese most desire for their children is a quality education overseas. This is because Chinese have long considered education – one of four main motivations driving Chinese property investors overseas – as one of the most vital factors for a prosperous future.
That’s why countries offering top-notch schools and universities, such as the US and the UK – the #1 and #2 top education destination for Chinese1, respectively – are top investment hotspots with Chinese buyers as well.2
And this trend is growing more intense, with Chinese HNWIs now increasingly choosing to send their children overseas at an earlier age – the average age of Chinese students being sent abroad to study fell from 18 years old in 2014 to 16 years old last year.1
So, if you’re marketing to Chinese property investors, upselling the education factor is crucial. Here are some tips for you to leverage this trend:
  • Do your research on local education options: Chinese buyers are big on convenience, and many desire schools to be within close proximity. In fact, 46% of Chinese HNWIs prefer school districts when purchasing property abroad.3 In other words, your fist step is to find out what schools or universities are available nearby.
  • Factor them prominently in your pitch: Highlight all educational offerings within the neighbourhood of your property, even if it’s a kindergarten or middle school. Chinese believe giving their children an early start means giving them an edge in future, and some even consider preparatory schools for children as young as four years old!
  • Offer brief but useful facts: From the distance and travel time, to the schools ranking and reputation, to even prominent graduates or special programmes – these are pertinent information that Chinese buyers seek for, and they would highly appreciate you being initiative in providing these to them.
With these information included in your listing descriptions and marketing materials, we believe your chances of boosting Chinese buyer views and enquiries – as well as closing the deal – would increase.



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