Chinese buyers turn their attention to the Mediterranean

Chinese property investors head to the Med Andrew Taylor, co-CEO at, discusses the rising trend of wealthy Chinese outbound real estate investments in the Mediterranean. 继续阅读 >

7 News
/ 7 News

Chinese buyers help the Australian market grow

Dave Platter of talks to 7 News about Chinese buyers and how foreign investment makes the Australian real estate grow. 继续阅读 >

Real Estate Weekly
/ Real Estate Weekly

New York MLS partners with Chinese listing service

New York Statewide Multiple Listing Service and have partnered up to give New York agents access to the Chinese real estate market, reports Real Estate Weekly (2 October 2015).... 继续阅读 >

Financial Review
/ Australian Financial Review

No sign of let-up from Chinese property investors

Juwai data reveals that Chinese buyer inquiries and demand for overseas properties has not fluctuated in the wake of China’s clampdown on capital outflow and market volatility, reports the Australian... 继续阅读 >

/ Inman

3 savvy ways to attract (and keep) Chinese clients

Juwai Co-CEO Andrew Taylor shares with Inman three tips on how to successfully reach Chinese buyers (1 October 2015). According to Taylor, the first tip is to emphasise on product... 继续阅读 >


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ADAPT 2021 | Reaching Over 1.34 Million Individuals Worldwide

2021 marks the second annual #ADAPT international convention. With over 188 speakers and performers having presented and reaching approximately 1.34 million individuals worldwide, the convention was a roaring success! As was done...

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Australia Sydney

Curious to know about Australia’s current real estate market trends?

Australia has entered a roadmap out of Covid-19 lockdowns, and the real estate industry has attracted significant benefits. Housing transaction volume and prices are flying; Australia has its most significant increase in 30 years. Affected...

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Vietnam - FI List.Juwai.png

Lockdown in HCMC: Don’t waste your property investment, take advantage instead!

Since August 23rd 2021, Ho Chi Minh City has tightened its COVID-19 restrictions, requiring residents to “stay where they are”, isolating homes from homes, streets from streets and wards from wards. The...

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ADAPT 2021 is coming soon! So, what is it?

With over 240 thousand viewers, 280 speakers in 35 languages and more than 32 partnerships worldwide, the ADAPT International Convention 2020 powered by Juwai IQI was an astounding success. And it back...

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