Property Observer
/ Property Observer

FIRB study fails to link foreign buyers to high residential price growth

A recent paper by Australia's Department of Treasury showed that foreign buyers were not to blame for the housing price surge in Australia, reports the Property Observer (5 December 2016).... 继续阅读 >

/ Bloomberg

Vancouver housing tax pushes Chinese to $1 million Seattle homes

Vancouver's recent foreign property tax triggers a wave of Chinese buyers rushing to buy Seattle property, reports Bloomberg (4 December 2016). This is thanks to the fact that Seattle is... 继续阅读 >

The Australian
/ The Australian

Locals drive sharp rise in values amid 'marginal' foreign effect

A recent Australian Treasury report recently found that foreign property buyers only contributed marginally to the housing price surge in Australia, reports The Australian (4 November 2016). According to the... 继续阅读 >

The Sunday Times
/ The Sunday Times

Romania: Counting upwards

Real estate prices in Romania is now on the rise, thanks to a new vibrant economy and low interest rates, reports The Sunday Times (4 December 2016). Prices fell more... 继续阅读 >

Property Observer
/ Property Observer

Where is Sydney's real Chinatown?'s Gavin Norris

Sydney's Chinatown is no longer in Haymarket but in the Upper North Shore, writes Head of Australia Gavin Norris on Property Observer (4 December 2016). While Haymarket – still... 继续阅读 >

Financial Review
/ Australian Financial Review

Tasmanian real estate on China's radar after Xi Jinping visit

Searches on Tasmanian real estate out of China have more than doubled since China’s President Xi Jinping visited the island state on 19 November 2014, reports the Australian Financial Review... 继续阅读 >

Property Observer
/ Property Observer

Foreign investment has pushed prices down, not up: Q&A with's Simon Henry

Foreign investment is very good for Australia as it adds supply which keeps prices low, says Simon Henry, Co-CEO of in a recent interview with Property Observer (1 December... 继续阅读 >

boston globe
/ The Boston Globe

What likely won't change under Trump: Foreign investment in Boston

While Donald Trump has promised to change the rules of global trade as the US President, he is unlikely to change overseas investment in US real estate, reports The Boston... 继续阅读 >



Economic Challenges and Climbs Facing by Japan in 2022

Looking into 2022, Japan's economy faces several challenges, like keeping the economic recovery going, diversifying investments away from China, and addressing demographic problems.   Keeping the Recovery Going As is the case...

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Top 5 Study Abroad Destinations for 2022

Studying abroad is becoming increasingly common, especially in a majority of Asian countries. Every year, Asian students further their studies in every corner of the world, and it is one of the...

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Why Malaysia.jpg

Visit Malaysia, an attractive investment destination in 2022

Malaysia remains an attractive investment destination - according to the ASEAN Business Advisory Council (ASEAN-BAC) consultation meeting in Malaysia with business associations representing U.S. businesses to discuss Malaysia’s efforts in attracting foreign...

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year of the tiger 2022.png

Chinese New Year 2022: Hello to the Year of the Tiger

Chinese New Year, aka Lunar New Year, aka Spring Festival, is the most important event at the beginning of the year. It is celebrated in China and other East Asian countries and...

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