Chinese pour $1.5 billion into NZ housing market last year said that Mainland Chinese purchased US$1.5 billion of residential real estate in New Zealand last year, increasing US$130 million (NZ$197.2m) on the year before, reports (7 September 2018).... 继续阅读 >

Perth Now
/ Perth Now

Chinese investment in Australian homes down, but Victoria still top state

Chinese spending on Australian property fell by A$8.8 billion last year, as new taxes, restrictions and capital controls curbed investments but expects moderate increases this year in Chinese demand... 继续阅读 >

Montreal Gazette
/ Montreal Gazette

Wealthy Chinese increasingly investing in properties overseas

If you're shopping for a home in Quebec, most buyers turn to or For Chinese-speaking buyers shopping for international property, the go-to real estate portal for listings all... 继续阅读 >


Political resistance isn't stopping Chinese investors from snapping up property around the world, CNBC

Mainland Chinese buyers are expected to snap up an increasing amount of overseas real estate this year – even despite political resistance and sensitivity about such investments around the world,... 继续阅读 >

Thailand Property News
/ Thailand Property News

Hong Kong event reaps rewards for Phuket developer

A Phuket developer saw solid interest from Hong Kong buyers and investors after it confirmed participation in a property exhibition organized by, reports Thailand Property News (4 September 2018).... 继续阅读 >

The real Crazy Rich Asians of Sydney

Lavish spending has become commonplace within the inner circles of Sydney's billionaires from mainland China, Hong Kong and Singapore, along with homegrown Asian tycoons, reports (1 September 2018). Carrie... 继续阅读 >


Chinese Luxury Investor

6 Signs You're Prepared to Invest in Foreign Property

The title of ‘expatriate' has a distinctive prestigious meaning behind it. Moreover, living and working abroad can be a very rewarding experience, professionally, personally, culturally, and of course, financially. If you have...

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Vietnam - FI List.Juwai.png

4 Reasons Why District 1, Vietnam Is The Perfect Investment

The colourful and buzzing city centre of District 1 in Ho Chi Minh City is seen as a golden opportunity for a luxurious real estate market. A district where you can find...

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8 moving customs.png

8 Chinese Moving Customs into a New House

Moving into a new house is a beautiful moment in your life, an occasion that signals new beginnings. In Chinese culture, these occasions provide new homeowners with the opportunity to invite wealth...

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Study Aboard - List.Juwai.png

5 Reasons Why Chinese Students Choose to Study Internationally

Although China’s education industry is the largest education system globally and is an essential component of its tertiary sector, many Chinese students are still choosing to study abroad.  Here are 5 reasons why...

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