Times Colonist
/ Times Colonist

Canada has a new hotspot for pricey real estate, Times Colonist

Montreal has surpassed Vancouver and Toronto to be the top real estate investment destination, reports Times Colonist (10 July 2018).  A Sotheby's report unveiled that luxury home sales around the... 继续阅读 >

New Westminster Record
/ New Westminster Record

Canada has a new hotspot for pricey real estate, New Westminster Record

Montreal has overtaken Metro Vancouver and Greater Toronto as Canada’s new leading city for Chinese real estate investment, reports New Westminster Report (10 July 2018). According to a recent report released... 继续阅读 >

Mortgage Professional America
/ Mortgage Professional America

Chinese buyers' website not expecting further US regulation

The US is unlikely to take further steps this year to curb the impact of foreign ownership of homes, reports Mortgage Professional America (6 July 2018). According to the recently published... 继续阅读 >

Mortgage Broker News
/ Mortgage Broker News

Nearly 9 out of 10 Chinese buyers hail from the mainland

89% of users on Chinese international property platform Juwai.com seeking Canadian homes hailed from mainland China, reports Mortgage Broker News (6 July 2018). The remaining percentage of Juwai users either... 继续阅读 >


Montreal becomes hot spot for Chinese real estate shoppers, says Juwai report, CBC

Foreign buyer taxes in Vancouver and Toronto saw Montreal rising as a property investment destination for Chinese buyers, reports CBC (5 July 2018). According to Chinese international property platform Juwai.com,... 继续阅读 >

BNN Bloomberg
/ BNN Bloomberg

Chinese buyers inquired about US$1.45B worth of Canadian properties last year, search site says

Chinese property investor enquires for Canadian homes reached nearly $1.45 billion in 2017, reports BNN Bloomberg (5 July 2018). This is according to data released by Chinese global real estate site Juwai.com,... 继续阅读 >

STL News
/ STL News

Fewer new taxes on foreign real estate buyers likely in 2018-19 than any recent year

The upcoming year ahead is less likely to see new foreign buyer restrictions being imposed in top property markets for Chinese buyers, reports STL News (4 July 2018). According to... 继续阅读 >

Global News
/ Global News

Montreal turns into hot spot for Chinese real estate shoppers: Juwai report

Foreign buyer taxes saw Montreal overtake Toronto and Vancouver to become the top Canadian real estate market for Chinese buyers in 2017, reports Global News (4 July 2018). According to... 继续阅读 >



Economic Challenges and Climbs Facing by Japan in 2022

Looking into 2022, Japan's economy faces several challenges, like keeping the economic recovery going, diversifying investments away from China, and addressing demographic problems.   Keeping the Recovery Going As is the case...

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Top 5 Study Abroad Destinations for 2022

Studying abroad is becoming increasingly common, especially in a majority of Asian countries. Every year, Asian students further their studies in every corner of the world, and it is one of the...

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Why Malaysia.jpg

Visit Malaysia, an attractive investment destination in 2022

Malaysia remains an attractive investment destination - according to the ASEAN Business Advisory Council (ASEAN-BAC) consultation meeting in Malaysia with business associations representing U.S. businesses to discuss Malaysia’s efforts in attracting foreign...

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year of the tiger 2022.png

Chinese New Year 2022: Hello to the Year of the Tiger

Chinese New Year, aka Lunar New Year, aka Spring Festival, is the most important event at the beginning of the year. It is celebrated in China and other East Asian countries and...

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