Property Observer
/ Property Observer

Australia reaps second-largest share worldwide of Chinese property investment dollars in 2016

Chinese property buyers spent a record A$133.7 billion on international real estate in 2016, reports Property Observer (20 July 2017). According to a new report from, the 2016 total... 继续阅读 >

The South China Morning Post
/ South China Morning Post

Chinese buying of US residential property hits record high

Chinese investment in US residential real estate hit a record high US$31.7 billion in 2016, reports South China Morning Post (19 July 2017). The figure comes from a recent report... 继续阅读 >

/ Daily Hive

Montreal has surpassed Vancouver as Mainland Chinese buyers' city of choice

Montreal is now the second most popular pick for Chinese buyers looking to buy in Canada, reports Daily Hive (19 July 2017). Data from, China's top real estate portal,... 继续阅读 >

Bangkok Post
/ Bangkok Post

Stakes raised on Chinese buyers

Chinese buyers are increasingly attracted to Thai real estate, reports the Bangkok Post (17 July 2017). Housing prices in Thailand are about a third of China's prices, and its visa-on-arrival... 继续阅读 >

Vancouver Sun
/ Vancouver Sun

Chinese buyers increasingly attracted to Montreal real estate

Montreal is now the second most-searched Canadian city by Chinese buyers after Toronto, reports the Vancouver Sun (17 July 2017). This is according to latest data from, China's most... 继续阅读 >

RIS Media
/ RIS Media

For Chinese real estate investors, U.S. is tops

Chinese buyers are projected to invest $80 billion into overseas real estate this year, with the US as a top pick, reports RIS Media (16 July 2017). Though slightly less... 继续阅读 >

/ Daily Mail

Chinese investment in Australian real estate booms to record levels, reaching $24 billion in past year

Chinese investment in Australian real estate reached a record A$24 billion, reports the Daily Mail (7 July 2017). The figure was put together by Chinese international property website, by... 继续阅读 >

The South China Morning Post
/ South China Morning Post

Chinese overseas property purchases crash through US$100b barrier in 2016

Chinese real estate investment hit a record US$101.4 billion in 2016, reports the South China Morning Post (6 July 2017)., a major property website in China, aggregated data from... 继续阅读 >



Economic Challenges and Climbs Facing by Japan in 2022

Looking into 2022, Japan's economy faces several challenges, like keeping the economic recovery going, diversifying investments away from China, and addressing demographic problems.   Keeping the Recovery Going As is the case...

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Top 5 Study Abroad Destinations for 2022

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Visit Malaysia, an attractive investment destination in 2022

Malaysia remains an attractive investment destination - according to the ASEAN Business Advisory Council (ASEAN-BAC) consultation meeting in Malaysia with business associations representing U.S. businesses to discuss Malaysia’s efforts in attracting foreign...

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Chinese New Year 2022: Hello to the Year of the Tiger

Chinese New Year, aka Lunar New Year, aka Spring Festival, is the most important event at the beginning of the year. It is celebrated in China and other East Asian countries and...

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