Australians are slowly but surely accepting – and even welcoming – the hordes of Chinese property investors entering the country in recent years, according to the Property Observer (14 November 2013), which posted an article penned by co-CEO, Andrew Taylor. According to Taylor, the Chinese have become the largest group of international property investors not only in Queensland, but worldwide. While there have been some negative comments and coverage by the media on the Chinese buyer phenomenon, the fact remains that people recognise the positive impact that Chinese property investment has on Australia. The Wall Street Journal reported that just one year of increase in migration from China can result in a stronger property market three years later. The investment from China can also result in a permanent increase in size of economy, through a potential boost of AUD$14 billion to the Australian economy, the ability to maintain more affordable education for Australian citizens, and an additional AUD$63 billion to the Australian economy via residential building.