While Germany is the biggest trading partner for China, it had always trailed after other countries in terms of Chinese investment in the past. In recent times though, things have begun to change, reports The Wall Street Journal (27 March 2014). Thanks to its financial stability, economic strength and genial relationship with China, Germany was voted as the safest country to invest in 2013 by China's Social Science Academy. In 2007, Chinese investment in Germany only amounted to $150 million with only 4 deals signed. In 2013, it skyrocketed to $1.5 billion over a span of 20 deals. Based on data from Ernst & Young, 38% of the Chinese investments in Europe in the year 2012 went to Germany – surpassing the UK (22%) and France (5%) in leaps and bounds. Even Chinese President Xi Jinping seems to concur that Germany is the country to focus on – his recent trip to Europe along with 200 business leaders included Germany as one of the official stops. Angela Merkel, Germany's Chancellor returns the sentiment too, and will be travelling to China later this year. This sudden surge in investments in Germany could be explained by the fact that China is now seeking cutting-edge technology to clean up its environment and for high-end manufacturing – and Germany is more than renowned for its engineering and technology expertise. German companies are also perfect as launchpads for Chinese companies to foray into expansion in Europe. Additionally, Chinese students are increasingly looking towards Germany for studies abroad due to its engineering courses. Currently, there are 30,000 Chinese studentys studying in Germany, and this has greatly boosted property demand and interest there. According to Juwai.com, Germany jumped ahead 3 spots to claim the fifth place on a list of more popular countries for Chinese property investors – Chinese searches for German properties increased 5 times more within the first 2 months of 2014 alone.