Real estate agents forecast that 2018 will be a year of deal for Chinese property buyers, reports The Wall Street Journal (25 January 2018). The number eight is one of the most auspicious number in Chinese numerology and culture, and homebuyers from China could possibly consider 2018 to be a lucky year to invest in overseas property, with some property agents reporting increased activity from Chinese buyers. According to Carrie Law, CEO of Chinese real estate portal, there has been cases where Chinese investors have held back on purchasing property abroad to buy this year instead. Law further predicted August to be quite possibly a peak period for Chinese buyers for property viewing. “You will likely see buyers and agents scheduling viewings and closings for the eight day of the eighth month of 2018,” said Law, before adding that it would be unsurprising to see China buyers hustling to close year-end transactions "before the calendar ticks over from 2018 to 2019”.