Juwai.com Co-CEO Simon Henry will speak at the much anticipated Inman Luxury Connect happening from 21-22 October in Beverly Hills, California, reports Inman (28 September 2015). Awarded as the “Most Influential International Property Site in China 2014” by the China Electronic Commerce Association (CECA), China’s most prestigious e-commerce body, Juwai.com facilitated approximately US$4.2 billion worth of international property sales in 2013. According to Henry, Juwai defines luxury properties on Juwai Luxe as properties worth over US$2.5 million. “One good rule of thumb is, ‘Is this property suitable for Vogue?’,” adds Henry. He also emphasises that Chinese investments on luxury homes abroad remains strong, as more and more Chinese can now afford to travel overseas, which in turn increases overseas investment. “Furthermore, Chinese lead the way in global luxury spending, and in many cases purchase property at a higher price range than the domestic buyer,” says Henry.